Ahoy! We’re looking for passionate and talented people. We’re a startup based on collaborative consumption, smart cities and social media. This is not a job offer, but an invitation to a possible integration to an innovative and ambitious project.
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Welcome to YesHere, a mobile app with a similar concept than Uber, but extended to any kind of services. You can place an order to any person and receive anything you wish wherever you are! There’re no limits, all you need is someone to say YES! *

Our vision: We live in a constantly moving society. We have to move every day, and it takes time, and even today we give barely any value to that invested time. YesHere proposes we learn from our routines and connect intelligently and collaboratively through a social network. Together we create the most sophisticated, extensive and simple logistic system in history: one person communicates with another through the app to request anything that is close to them. *

Of which of these companies would you like to be a part of? *

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Muchas gracias, intentaremos comunicarnos contigo pronto para encontrar la oportunidad de compartir un café. ¡Hasta pronto!
Equipo YesHere.Thanks a lot, we’ll try to communicate with you soon to find the chance to have coffee together. Regards!
YesHere crew.
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